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Posted By Expedition Engineering on 31/05/2017

Green Sky Thinking QI was a big hit!

Green Sky Thinking QI was a big hit!

We had lots of fun at the Green Sky Thinking event we co-hosted with our sister company Useful Projects last night!

Our QI style quiz was expertly chaired by Jeremy Myerson, the Helen Hamlyn Professor of Design at the Royal College of Art. The panel of talented designers included Anna Woodeson, Director of LTS Architects, Ceramicist Robin Levien, our Trust colleague Sophie Thomas, Founding Director of Thomas Matthews, and our very own Founder Director Chris Wise.

Thought provoking musings on the theme of loose fit vs made-to-measure included a Quite Interesting discussion on the Ship of Theseus Paradox and ended with the question: What do some jeans and some infrastructure buildings have in common?

Thank you to everyone who came along and to our guest panel and chair, and congratulations to The Audience who were the winners! We learned some Quite Interesting stuff along the way too!

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