Posted By Geo Green Power on 07/07/2019

Nottingham County Council

Nottingham County Council

Nottingham County Council are dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint accross the county. Through numerous phases they are implementing solar PV systems on their various properties including libraries, children centres and health centres, all of which have a high energy usage during the day.

Initial viability reports instantly pointed to solar PV as the most suitable renewable technology and due to their impressive reputation Geo Green Power were contacted and were awarded the contract.

The solar PV systems varied in size from 15kW to 38kW and the majority of installations were carried out on flat roofs, therefore requiring a light weight ballast mounting system to avoid roof penetration. High quality technology was required to avoid any significant maintenance issues in the future and NASC approved scaffolders were used to maintain the highest standards of service and safety across the board.

The installations were carried out over a 3 month period and in the last year alone these solar PV systems have reduced the council’s carbon footprint by over 60 tonnes. The council will also reduce their energy bills by approximately £15,000.00 a year as well as earn income from the FIT payments.

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