Land Drainage Law for Non-Legal Professionals

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Land Drainage Law for Non-Legal Professionals                                                                                                                                                                      

The law relating to Land Drainage and its interpretation and implementation is both complex and sometime confusing.  Legislation dealing with Land Drainage has existed for more than five hundred years.  Even further back the Romans had developed systems to deal with Land Drainage.

Learning Outcomes:

Section 72 of the Land Drainage Act of 1991 defines Land Drainage as including "defence against water (including sea water) irrigation, other than spray irrigation, and warping".  Not only are there a plethora of Acts of Parliament, Regulations and Guidance, they often overlap and sometime conflict.

Consequently, the law is not very clear and many people are unaware of it's existence.  Sometimes STATUTE law is used and at other times COMMON law is the basis of court decisions.

Aims & Objectives:

The course is designed to help unravel some of the confusing aspects of the law relating to Land Drainage and explore its position in relation to other legislation.

Course Outline: 

Session 1 - Land Drainage - Setting the Scene
     Session 2 - Land Drainage - Legislation Summary - including the impact of the Flood and                 Water Management Act 2010 on Land Drainage law
    Session 3 - Land Drainage and Development
    Session 4 - Sustainable Development and Drainage Systems and Solutions

Mode of Delivery:

A series of PowerPoint presentations will be interspersed with group/individual exercises and relevant case law, together with ample opportunity for discussion and for delegates to share their experience.

Benefits Perceived by Participants: 

"A refreshing overview and an increase in my depth of knowledge"

Stephen Wheeler - Natural Resources Wales

"Useful and interesting.  Provided courses of action to consider, relating to particular drainage problems"

Andy Judkowski - Bristol City Council

Intended for:

The course is intended for anyone whose activities are effected by Land Drainage law.

Pre-Course Requirements:

Delegates will need to bring a laptop to the course, capable of connecting to wireless internet at the venue.

Course Duration:

One day (6 hrs) IPD/CPD

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