UK Civil Engineering

Fair Use Policy

The following policy conditions are referenced in our Terms Of Use but are specifically listed here for accessibility:

Job Advertisements
  • Unlimited Job Posting is subject to the following conditions:
    • No more than 365 standard Job adverts to be posted with a 12 month period. Additional requirements are subject to prior agreement with UK Civil Engineering Limited.
    • Each job advert shall be accurate and pertain to one specific vacancy.
    • Generic catch all jobs on the job board are not permitted.
    • Job adverts that are too broad in description as to not accurately represent a single vacancy are not permitted.
    • Posting multiple versions of the same job in order to create an unfair, overly exagerated precence on the job board in not permitted.
    • Job adverts shall not contain repeated words or phrases intended to influence false positioning in any search results.
    • Job adverts shall not contain links to the website of the recruiter (or any third party) or any job application contact information without the prior written agreement of the Company.
  • All jobs must be associated with civil engineering / construction sector.
  • UK Civil Engineering Limited will monitor all job posts and will delete any deemed to be inappropriate witout notification.
  • Repeated breaches of our fair use policy will result in account suspension with no refund.

last update 6 September 2017