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Do you want to post your civil engineering jobs for free on our specialist civil engineering jobs board? Hold on!

Free stuff makes you happy and we want to make you happy. But do you want to waste time posting jobs on our jobs board and then never get any applicants? We want to fill your vacancies not our job board. We're a business and we need revenue so that we can in turn spend money on advertising. If we don't advertise then our website, and consequently your jobs would get no visitors. So as much as we'd like to give away free job posting, we don't, because we believe you deserve better. 

Now that's cleared things up, what do we offer with regards Job Posting?

Our civil engineering directory offers membership plans that include unlimited job posting on our specialist job board. Once your directory listing has been added and your membership has been validated we will set you up with an job board account.

Help Us To Help You And Enter Into A Spirit Of Co-Operation

If you enjoy using our website we would politely ask that you provide a link back to us from your own website. That way our search engine ranking improves. The better our website performs the better for all our members.

We tend to favour any company we identify as sending us traffic by way of a link and further promote their company by means of a free upgrade when possible. We're pretty laid back here. We're a private civil engineering company, so we can pick and choose who we like to work with. Working with people we like makes us happy. We hope you feel the same way, so join us today.

It all helps toward our building the UK Civil Engineering community.

We look forward to working together.

Note: We can also include job posting across our website and discounted rates across many other major job boards as part of our professional partner package. Contact us for more information.