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Site3D - Highway Design Software


Highway design software is complicated, right? Well some software is. However in our own quest to find a simple cost effective software solution for highway and roundabout design we found Site3D.

We use it in our office here at UK Civil Engineering, and like it so much we have entered into a partnership to help raise awareness, and resell Site3D to the UK Civil Engineering sector.

Road Design 

Design long sweeping link roads or residential cul-de-sacs.
  •   Quick and simple centreline placement.
  •   Automatic 3D junctions between connecting roads.
  •   Automatic 3D fully engineered roundabouts.
  •   True curve geometry.
  •   Spiral curve transitions for main roads.
  •   Superelevation.
  •   Real-time contours.
  •   Variable road width and shape.
  •   Raised speed tables.
  •   Laybys and parking bays.
  •   Automated setting-out schedules.
  •   Automated annotation.
  •   Per-road cut and fill volumes.
  •   Variable camber and crossfall.
  •   Drop-kerbs for crossings and driveways.
  •   Forward visibility splays.

Roundabout Design

Design a 3D engineered roundabout AUTOMATICALLY when you join two roads at their end-points. Roundabout Design in seconds

  • Three-arm, four-arm, five arm or six arm roundabouts.
  • Automatic junction leveling and 3D surface creation.
  • Inter-junction crown lines.
  • Flared, straight or compound curve junction entry and exit.
  • Variable inner-island size.
  • Flat disk or vertical curved inner island.
  • Automatic elimination of dead-area road surface between adjacent junctions.
  • Automatic surface contours generation.
  • Automatic splitter islands produced at junctions.
  • Optional inner-island run-over apron strip for long vehicles.    

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