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About Us

UKCivilEngineering.co.uk was created to help civil engineers by providing the best independent website for marketing, recruitment, networking and business leads.

Unlike other "Civil Engineering" websites, we are not owned by a large publishing company interested in maximising profits. We are not in the business of selling our members expensive job adverts. We we will not use your contact details to ask you to take part in nominating companies for awards, and  we will not charge you thousands of pounds for a table at said award  dinner. We do not have shiny glass offices in city centres to maintain and we do not employ teams of graduates pestering you for business. We'll leave that to others better qualified than us.

Our shop window is the web. So we concentrate on running and maintaining a quality website just for civil engineers. 

We curate all website content using our professional knowledge of civil engineering, and we take great pleasure in making our website the most visible UK civil engineering website on Google

Our postion 1 Google results are starting to come in. Click here to see our organic search results.

We believe that "Civil Engineers Working Together" can create the best website for civil engineers. 

If you agree and would like to work with us, then join us. Apply for membership, add your details and link back to us from your website.  

Our History.

UK Civil Engineering Limited is a civil engineering consultancy located in East Yorkshire. Established in 1999 we offer infrastructure design and project management services. We also own and operate www.ukcivilengineering.co.uk, a specialist online directory and job board for the UK Civil Engineering

2003: Version 1 of our website was our corporate website. A simple web site with web pages related to civil engineering and the services we offered. However over the years we were excited to notice our content was attracting thousands of visitors every month. Our server logs revealed our visitors had searched online using keywords related to civil engineering. We concluded that relevant content, and having a great domain name was giving us a significant advantage when it came to attracting the right sort of web traffic.

2013: Version 2 of our website saw the addition of a wordpress directory. We soon had numerous civil engineering companies joining and adding their company details. This was great but unfortunately wordpress directory themes have performance limitations and we found that out the hard way. Our old wordpress directory also lacked the functionality and features that our members were requesting.
2016: We asked our directory members what they wanted from an online civil engineering portal? We also researched what was already online. What rose from the ashes of version two is what you see here.

2017: Version 3 of our website was launched in April 2017. We rebuilt it from the ground up, and replaced our old wordpress website with Enterprise Grade platforms hosted on secure servers. It has been designed and built for civil engineers and their customers.
We started again with a clean sheet, an idea, and an empty database to ensure we could curate quality content from day one.

We are totally independent so we can work with the members we want, when we want.
We review every application for membership and only approve companies we consider suitable for inclusion. We believe the quality of our website depends on the quality of our members. 

Enjoy your visit.

Many thanks,
Paul Cusick CEng MICE

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