Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do You Offer A Free Trial?
    • Yes. Sign up for a Premium Member Demo.  Test out all the functionality of the Premium Membership plan. Add your corporate details, your logo, URL, social media links, videos, photos, news, products, tenders, define your service areas and set up sub-accounts. Set your account up and upgrade to any membership plan when you're ready.
      • Limitations of the free directory trial:
        • Your directory listing is not visible to our site visitors.
        • Your Job Board account is not included in the Premium Member Demo.
        • A valid credit/debit card will is required during registration. No payment will be taken.

  • Why Has Your New Web Site Stopped Offering Free Listings? 
    • Free listings are subsidised by paying advertisers: 
      • Monitoring all the spurious listings took time and incured costs. A cost we believe should not be carried by our paying advertisers.
    • Free listings are detrimental to our paying advertisers:
      • We believe offering free listings is a disservice to our paying members. Paying members should not have to compete for visitors with free listers.
    • Free listings dilute the quality of results: 
      • Free listings are posted and forgotten about. Email addresses change. Businesses change name and addresses. Some companies go out of business altogether. The result is a database full of rubbish information that is of no use to anyone. By charging a nominal membership advertisers will ensure their information is up to date and relevant. So if you're looking for a free listing site we'd recommend you search google and go elsewhere.
    • We want our website to provide quality content not just quantity. That's why we started with fresh content and deleted all the old free listers.

  • Would You Consider A Link Exchange in Lieu Of Payment?
    • Yes. The reason we stopped offering free listings was to reduce our quality control costs. Costs we effectively transfered to our paying members. By providing a link to our site from you are showing you represent a company and have access to the website. It also shows us that you're willing to support us. So we like to reciprocate.
    • To get a Standard Membership for free
      • Sign up for Premium Member Demo
      • Complete your company profile.
      • Add a temporary placeholder text link to your website e.g.
        UK Civil Engineering Member
      • Contact us. Tell us the URL of the link.
      • We will review and if accepted upgrade your account to a Standard Member for free.
      • Login to you dashboard on our website. Use the UKCE Member badge and replace your temporary placeholder with this image.
      • Note: Link exchange does not inlcude job board account.

  • What Is A Sub-Account? 
  • What Is A Verified Member?
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