What is a Verified Member?

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Q. What is a Verified Member?

After a company has joined the UK Civil Engineering directory we may ask that company assist us in our verification process.
This is an informal process whereby we determine the authenticity of a companies details and their degree of "professionalism". More often than not we can undertake verification ourselves using Companies House records and our own Industry knowledge. However occassionally we may ask you for other information.

For example we may ask for proof that the company is a member of a recognised Chartered Institution or Trade Association. Should this not be relevant, and we understand many will not be, then we would ask that one of the employees is a registered professional e.g. MICE or MIStructE. etc.

After verification we would activate the verification badge on your listing to show these check have been undertaken.

Q. Why Is The Benefit Of Being Verified?

Verfications are intended to help our visitors choose which companies to approach when requesting services.