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Posted by Anchorbloc Ltd on 18/07/2017 in Materials

Anchor Bloc


Anchor Bloc: Steady as a Rock

How do you anchor temporary structures like scaffolding, towers, gantries, signage  and shelters in a way that is both utterly steady and safe yet also flexible and mobile?

The answer is Anchor Bloc, a unique product. This system of freestanding modular concrete components is brilliantly engineered to provide steady anchorage and restraint to BS 5975:2008 quality standards while retaining mobility, re-usability and flexibility.

Anchor Bloc is manufactured from an innovative combination of sustainable and recycled materials (patent applied for GB 1113010.1) to offer excellent lifetime costs due to its capability to be reused over many years and in a variety of applications.

Engineered for integration

Anchor Bloc can be used alone, bolted together in modular structures or mechanically integrated into the overall construction to provide ideal anchorage for any temporary structure that also needs to be rock steady and safe.

The high quality smooth polished one tonne (1000 kg) concrete blocks are engineered to be easily moved by crane, fork lift or pallet truck. They can be supplied in yellow/black safety markings, with unobtrusive white PVC decorative covers or in a padded version for use in pedestrian areas.

On site, Anchor Bloc provides a reliable temporary foundation that can be mechanically connected via bolts, scaffold poles, double swivel couplers, ratchet straps or GEWI dywidag connectors.

Use/ Re-Use

The concrete C35 mix comprises of sustainable aggregate sourced through our partner nationwide ready mix supplier, so Anchor Blocs can be constructed on site to reduce transport costs and carbon emissions. Meanwhile the steel work reinforcement contains 98% recycled material. At the completion of a project the blocks can then be relocated to a local storage facility for transport or re-use.

Every project is different but we would be delighted to show you how Anchor Bloc can provide a higher quality and better value foundation for your works.

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